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Read these "Bedtime Stories about CAPITALISM"

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Spanish Versions of
Johnny Profit and
Johnny's Gold
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"Michael Malgeri has created a series of small books that could change the way an entire generation views individualism, profit-making, and capitalism. The books are easy to read and fun to discuss with children of all ages. They capture the imagination and explain the moral foundations of the free society with just a few words and pictures. Adam Smith and Milton Friedman would have approved!"
Joseph Bast, President, The Heartland Institute

"Kids will learn from these. But adults would, too! Should be mandatory reading in Washington."

Steve Forbes, Forbes Magazine

"Johnny Profit bucks convention and takes the labels of guilt and greed out of honest profit making."
Larry Kudlow, Chief Economic Adivsor to President Trump and former host of CNBC's The Kudlow Report

"Johnny's Gold continues the bold and unconventional theme found in the world of "Johnny Profit". It shows kids that money, rather than being the root of all evil, is a tool of progress and justice. Parents will also learn and enjoy."
Larry Kudlow, Chief Economic Advisor to President Trump and former host of CNBC's The Kudlow Report

Supporting "African Liberty Organization for Development (ALOD)" in Africa

It's an honor for Kids4biz to be working with Adedayo Thomas and Ibrahim B. Anoba, as "African Liberty Organization for Development (ALOD)" spreads ideas of economic liberty, entrepreneurship and innovation to young people throughout Africa. This is an amazing group of dedicated individuals who are making a positive impact on Africa and the world.